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"REAL LIFE"  OUR Clients - FAT FREEZE Testimonials 


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                        * Photos of Shannon Mitchel above                     

Our Salon's REAL Client Testimonials

* April 2022 - Mr. Roodt

- His mom (Zonet) referred him to the salon to assist him, as he had a bit of unwanted fat cells on his bums and felt uncomfortable. Below is a picture before he started with the Fat Freeze Coolsculpting treatments ...


- Below is a picture after his 1st treatment and it show nice results, but he decided he wanted the muscles to be more prominent ...

- This is the end results that shows a remarkable difference and feels happy and more confident.

* April 2022 - Thammie Mashinini

- Thammie visited the salon in February & March 2022 to do his Fat Freeze treatments on his tummy. Below are 2 collages that he put together for me to show us how his tummy changed over the few weeks and feels so excited. It clearly show how his fat cells reduced and the 6-pack is starting nicely, his tummy also lifted with the treatments as it firm up the skin as well ...

* 10 March 2020 - Mpho Ramashala


* Mpho visited the salon the 1st time on the 17th of January 2020 to treat her stomach with Fat Freeze Treatments.

She shared her amazing results. with us, that she achieved just after 3 week after her 1st treatments

You can see below how her stomach lifted and became smaller !!!

Even her top stomach doesn't look so boated anymore (as she calls it). She lost a remarkable 8 cm's on her top stomach !

It's really awesome as he still has 9 weeks remaining where the 1st treatments' fat cells need to get out of her body ...

* This pic on the 17th of January 2020


1) Top stomach: 17 January 2020 ---117 cm but on the 4th of March it was 109cm = 8 CM's SMALLER

2) Bottom stomach: 17 January 2020 --- 121cm but on the 4th of March it was 116cm = 5 CM's SMALLER

* She shared the following words with us:

"I came to U-nique Fat Freeze & Beauty Clinic with a huge belly that frustrated me ... within 3 weeks, I feel so different and more confident"

* This pic on the 4th of March 2020

* 02 February 2020 & 01 August 2018 - Denise Meyerson ... all the way from abroad ... AUSTRALIA !!!

Denise's testimonial UPDATE - 02 February 2020:

"Fat Freeze has change my whole body and life style. I exercise for non-stop, I do gym, I run and I do boxing. None of these help me with my hips ! I saw and still see that with the fat freeze treatments, that I received, and still continue when I'm in SA, are the only solutions to get my hips still smaller to my goal size, although the journey that past already improved my hips tremendously with fat freeze."

Denise commented - 01 August 2018:

"Thank you a million times over to Teresa for helping me. I had so many lumps and bumps that even 5 days of exercise and gym per week wouldn’t shift. I am now a whole lot less curvy and my skin is smoother.  Teresa provides excellent and personalized service. A client from Australia. Denise".


* Nelly Zondo from Kensington - 21st of January 2020:

"Nelly visited the salon on the 14th of December 2019 for her 1st Fat Freeze Treatments. She promised that she will be a Testimonial for the salon as soon as she sees that the Fat Freeze Coolsculpting actually work.

- She had a problem on her stomach area, like 99.99% of all my clients.

She visited the salon again on the 21st of January 2020 and HERE SHE IS ... sharing her wonder Fat Freeze Journey with everybody !!!

* I enclosed the Whats/App messages that she sent to me, to share to you ...

* BELOW she shared with us how she struggled to fit into THIS DRESS before, after just 8 WEEKS, the dress is SO BIG and she smiled with delightness, when she told me ...  I am very proud of Nelly and it makes me feel so satisfied, as I LOVE & DRIVE RESULTS  ...

* BELOW are pictures of when she started on the 14th of December and how she looks on the 21st of January 2020:


- 14 December 2019: 92 cm's

- 21 January 2020: 84 cm's





* 14 December 2019: 102 cm's

* 21 January 2010: 99 cm's 

# REDUCTION OF 3 CM's !!! (as the Bottom stomach is more stubborn than the Top stomach

* Shannon Mitchell ~ 26 July 2019 :

PHOTO 1) - Taken on the 25th of May 2019

PHOTO 2) - Taken on the 26th of July 2019

❄ Shannon Mitchell visited the salon for the 1st time on the 25/05/2019.

After 8 weeks, today, 26/07/2019, she revisited us again to FREEZE the NEXT LAYER OF FAT CELLS on her stomach ...

* I couldn't believe her remarkable results within just 8 weeks 😆😉 .... she made my day, as I drive results in the salon 😆😆😆 and the fact that she was so relieved & excited.

 👇Below are 2 pics taken of her by me before we started with the treatments :

1) No.1 - taken on the 25th of May 2019

2) No. 2 - taken today, on the 26th of July 2019

🌻 See how her stomach lifted/coolsculpted and got smaller in just 8 weeks, and ... there are still 4 weeks left of her 1st treatment's fat cells that still need to get out.


❤ Shannon wrote a short Testimonial that I would like to share😄:......

"Fat freezing has been a fantastic and rewarding process.
Teresa is so warm and friendly and results driven.
People always asked me before, when I was expecting my baby and I always had to try find clothes to hide my tummy.
Not anymore!!!
I am so pleased with the results from my first session and can't wait to see after the next one!
Thanks so much ❤ best treatment ever!"

* Bets van Zyl - 21 August 2019:

* Bets van Zyl started her 1st Fat Freeze Treatments on the 15th of May 2019.

Photo 1 - ABOVE: Bets shares her experience, results and excitement at the salon, so far:

DATE SHARED: 17 July 2019:

"* Thank you to U-nique Fat Freeze & Beauty Clinic*"

... After just 6 weeks, my family started seeing changes happening to my body and asked me what I am doing to get to small. So far I lost 3kg's and 6cm on the treated areas in just 6 weeks. I am so excited as we are going to Mozambique in December and feel I want to walk in confidence on the beach.

Photo 2 ABOVE: On the 21st of August 2019 Bets came to FREEZE her next layer of Fat Cells and shared her successes future with me: ...

"Since my last visit at the salon", I even lost more cm's and kg's ... a remarkable 4kg's more !!! My arms are much tighter and smaller as well as the areas I treated before. I'm really reaching my goal to be Bikini-ready in December (hehehe) ... can't wait!!! My belt even moved 2 spaces smaller. I must say ...: FAT FREEZE is really working and not a gimmick where you waste your money with no results."

* Kutwano Msonza (Glenda) ~ 6 August 2019 :

* Kutwano Msonza (Glenda) started her 1st Fat Freeze Treatments on the 6th of August 2019.


"I woke up and tried to wear my skirt that I would wear with those TIGHTS that I wear everyday, to hide my belly.

I tried it on without it being tight on my waste and hips ... well I'm loooooooing myself. It's only been 6 days after the treatments, but I witness miracles I haven't seen happening with any other product or treatment I used before to loose weight or cm's.

Now I am also losing cm's !!! Imagine if I start to exercise how quick I will see more miracles and eat more healthy ... so excited Teresa, can't wait for my next treatments."

* Makahoana Timothy Kgoali - 20 March 2019:

"I did Fat freezing session to tackle those layers of fat on the stomach. I will accomplish in 30 minutes what I've been struggle to in months of gym and dieting but no success. Enjoyed every minute. Very friendly and professional staff. Can't wait to see the end results... Thanks for the outstanding service."

* Michelle Fourie - 20 March 2019:


"I decided to try fat freeze because I needed to lose weight and meal planning gets hectic with so many children at home who eat everything (even boring bland food), it's also time away from the chaos and I lose cm's at the same time. I bought pants a month ago that were tight and they've loosened up, so I'm losing cm's all over. I don't have too much stubborn fat as it's from a few pregnancies one after the other, and my fat still seems to be shifting since I'm losing all over, not just in the targeted areas. I've lost 9cm in the 2 measured areas in 2 months"

* Nandi Khumalo - 16 March 2019

"I am enjoying me Fat Freeze sessions at U-nique Fat Freeze & Beauty Clinic. I love trying everything and I must say fat freeze does work as my clothes are getting bigger AND MY TUMMY IS GETTING SMALLER,  jippy,  I'm so excited. I'll post this experience on my Blogs as well. The prices also fit my pocket. Thank you for explaining everything to me ."

* Cheryl Viljoen - 20 March 2019:

"I stopped smoking nearly two years ago and since then I put on 5kgs. No matter what I did I couldn't lose it and was starting to get very down, my clothes were always tight and uncomfortable. I had seen fat freeze ads before and was a bit sceptical but as a last resort I made my first appointment. Teresa made me feel at home immediately giving an excellent description of what to expect as well as the do's and don't! I did one session of fat freeze and for the first time in a long time felt positive and hopeful that I was on the right track. On arrival for the second sessions, 7 weeks later,  I was measured and had lost 6 cm on top stomach and 2,7cm on the bottom stomach! Happiness !!! I'm on the right track! Fat freeze definitely works! With this session now it will work fat on fat cells, I can't wait to see the results next time."

* 11 September 2018 ~ Cecilia Matlala - Pretoria

"I started on the 22th of June 2018 with my 1st Fat Freeze Treatments. I felt nothing works, although I tried everything in the market ... diets, Lipo Laser, Gym, Slimming Injections and pills, etc. So I decided to try something different and started to find out where I can do Fat Freeze Treatments. I came across U-nique Fat Freeze & Beauty Clinic, there cost are so affordable and I see 100% results. The staff are very helpful and explained the whole process to me.

For the 1st time I now realise that there is something that REALLY works ... FAT FREEZE.

It removes FAT CELLS out of my body permanently by visiting the ladies (stool/urine), by your own body. After my 1st treatments I realised my stomach started to LIFT, get firmer and it became smaller, as per my pictures I sent to Teresa. ... this was WOW !!!

I then decided to freeze another fat cell layer on my stomach on in July. What a remarkable difference ... I'm getting smaller by the weeks and fit comfortable in myself and my clothes. Fat Freeze works and there is no doubt about it ... I am so happy. Thank you Teresa and U-nique Fat Freeze & Beauty Clinic !


About Cecilia's Skin Pigmentation, that she also struggled with for years:-
* It developed while's use some Pregnancy Contraception,
* My Face become Dark  (Forehead, and all over ) , 
*  sometimes I happened to feel extremely uncomfortable, had to apply Make-up even didn't want just to conceal my Bad Face. 
*I'd been damaged for many years (it turned worse in 2010 )
* I also used expensive product (April 2017 to June 2018)-was very Bad because it only cleanse out only. It doesn't get inside , until I find my last Friendly and Honest hope named  Teresa;
* At U-nique Beauty Clinic's where I found myself, I made my 1st Session (Chemical Skin Peeling) on 22  June '18.
* I do like this because when this Chemical I'd applied on my Skin, feel it for 5 days in a row, after that feel it sometimes until U don't  feel anymore,
* What I like/ about this, everyday + Nite  when I wash my Face new Results are showing that my Skin peels.
I'm so happy of Dr. Teresa's Kindness, for being there for people like Me with Pigment Patches that I tried many products to remove without good Results.
* I'm happy due to my Better Results, I'm FREE to refer anyone to U-nique Beauty Clinic . I'll be able to apply Make-up when I want to not when I HAVE to.

May God Bless Teresa (U-nique Fat Freeze & Beauty Clinic)
Keep Up ur Honest Peaceful Spirit

See you soon !

* Cinga Siwundla - Gauteng :


Cinga visited the salon on the 7th of August 2017. Please read what she has to share with everyone ...

"Hi, it's Cinga here. I had my very first Fat Freeze Session on Monday the 7th of August at U-nique Fat Freeze & Beauty Clinic. I read everything scary on Google about this treatment and was made to believe that I would experience tremendous pain throughout the treatment. Well, I have a different testimony ! Totally painless it was. Teresa explain everything and I got a thorough understanding of what the Fat Freeze was all about and exactly how it works in giving me my desired body. SO ... here's to many more sessions at this salon with the best prices I saw anywhere else, thx guys.


* Mapogo Malatji - Honeydew :

Mapogo visited us the 1st time on the 6th of February 2017. He came on the 13th of March 2017 again to treat the same 2 area to freeze/kill the next layer of fat cells.

He show remarkable results just over 4 weeks !!! He treated the following areas and these were/was his cm's on the areas that were treated:

* Top stomach:  06/02/2017 > 96cm NOW 93.5cm !!!

* Bottom stomach: 13/03/2017 > 97cm and NOW 94.2cm !!!

Below is is his own written Testimonial:

At first I was hesitant but realized I had nothing to lose. I have tried working out and eating healthy but I struggle to loose the fat around my waist. I gym 3 times a week.

A month after my first session, I have now lost between 2.5 and 3.5cm around my waist. I feel so excited about the results and would recommend Fat Freeze at U-nique Fat Freeze & Beauty Clinic to anyone."

* Ryno Koen - Weltevreden Park:

* Our Salon's 1st MALE Testimonial !!!

Ryno is our "1st Male Testimonial" for the Salon that did Fat Freeze Sessions.

Ryno Koen, from Weltevrenden Park, visited the Salon on the 25th of February 2017.

We treated his:

* Love-handles

* Top & Bottom stomachs

He shared with us on the 6th of March 2017, that he has already lost cm's in the treated areas and that he's 100% satisfied with the Fat Freeze Treatments and now sees that it REALLY works, only 8 days after his sessions/treatments have been done !

He's gym 5 x week and are use to drinking 3 liters of water a day but could not get rid of the stubborn fat cells on his stomach and love handles.

#As there are fat cells BELOW the muscles, it causes the Fat Cells to be stubborn and hard to get rid of no matter how hard you gym or diet.

While he still gym and carry on with his normal diet and lifestyle, the fat cells that were frozen, still keep on crystalizing and are removed from his own body in a natural way (loo), permanently!!!


- Top stomach: Was 107cm ... it's NOW 102,5cm's

- Top-top stomach: Was 105cm's... it's NOW 104 cm's

- Bottom stomach, below belly button: Was 109cm's... NOW a remarkable 104cm's

*Well done Ryno and thank you for sharing your successes with us !

* Lorinda van Niekerk - East Rand:

*  Today, 26 October 2016, a year ago I started with my first fat freeze sessions. I weighed 98kg. Today I'm proud to say that I weigh 79kg. The fat freeze sessions have helped me to lose the fat that diet can not break down. It has helped me during the stand still periods when it is difficult to lose weight. I have lost little weight in the last month, so I'm doing a few more sessions, today that will help me lose more weight and cm's, and reach my goal. Thanks Teresa, without the sessions it would not be possible, because I'm almost 50 years old and been fat my whole life and tried almost everything.

* 13 October feedback - I have always been a "fat-child" and up to last year a very "fat-adult". I have struggled with many diets for years. I would lose weight and just gain it again when I stop. I started at U-nique Fat Freeze & Beauty Clinic on the 26thof October 2015 with the Fat Freeze Sessions, that freezes and breaks down the fat cells and the weight that you lose in the process, stays OFF. The centimeters that you lose is amazing after just one session!!! I am very grateful that the Fat Freeze Sessions have helped me a lot, to gain half my goal-mark. It really builds up confidence and motivates me to lose more weight and reach my goal weight and size. With this salon's great, affordable prices, it also assist me to do more sessions for less and reach my ultimate goal quicker!!! Go and try it, you won't turn back. Lorinda

* Zelna B - East Rand:  Lost in 9 MONTHS... 64kg's & 12 Sizes Down !!!

December 2015 - 143 Kg & Size 24 

July 2016 - 87 Kg & Size 16

... September 2016 - 79 Kg & Size 12 !!!

... October - NOW a Size 12 !!!

"WOW guys, I nearly there, my aim is a size 10 ..."

I was 143kg (size  24) when I realize I need to make a change, but I knew  diet does not work for me, so I decided to do the little small differences like  cut  down on sweets, stairs instead of lift ect.

It did have ups and downs. When I hit menopause, I decided to visit Teresa. I was then size 20. One of my biggest problem is my legs.  When placing the device on the area its a bit sensitive but after while its fine. Once done ensure you drink plenty of water.

I started see difference in about 3 weeks and my legs actually start getting shape. Its now  nearly 3 months and I just  bought a size 14 jean.

I would recommend it to anyone who struggle to loose weight and cm's. The staff is friendly & so lovely and make you feel comfortable at all time, thank you guys !

Debbie Louw- East Rand - April 2016:

I went for my 1st Fat Freeze Sessions on the 12th of March 2016. The Beauty Therapists treated my top & bottom Stomach. I visited the Salon again on the 16th of April 2016 for my 2nd Fat Freeze Sessions and treated my 2 Love handles as well as my top and bottom Stomach. I couldn't believe what I was seeing daily, how my body just started to shrink and my clothes got smaller ... I lost 6.6cm on my Top Stomach and 5.4cm on my Bottom Stomach in JUST 4 WEEKS !!!

The buttons of my shirt, on the photo on the left, couldn't close during December 2015, but now it closes and the shirt hangs loose, photo on the right.

It seems I need to invest in a "new" wardrobe as I discovered the "new me" and feel so comfortable and confident. I still continue with my treatments until I achieve my set goals and now refer all my friends to the salon, as this treatment really works !

* Anel Leonard - East Rand - July 2015:

"I started with the Fat Freeze Sessions on the 31st of July 2015 . I treated my Top Stomach, Bottom Stomach and Upper Top Stomach. With the professional advise the Therapists gave m: Drinking 2liters of water per day, being active and cutting down on whites, I was determined to lose the dead Fat Cells ASAP and WOW, now I can see the results ...

* Within 3 weeks I lost:

  • 4 cm's around my Top stomach
  • 5 cm's around my Bottom stomach
  • I lost 3 kilograms !!!

This is awesome and the Fat Freeze is not just a quick-fix nor gimmick to lose weight, thank you to the team at the salon !!!"

* Lauren James - Gau

teng - July 2015:

"I visited the salon on the 25/07/2015. I treated my Top stomach, Bottom stomach and Top arms. I was amazed but the results when I visited the salon again only 15th of Aug, I lost the following cm's:

  • Bottom stomach - 5 cm
  • Top stomach - 5 cm
  • Top arms - 1 cm"

* Nicholene Kiewiets - March 2015:
"I went to the salon on the 21st of March 2015. I bought 2 Daddy's Deal Vouchers from the salon and received Fat Freeze Treatments on my Top & Bottom stomach. I also receive free sauna, slimming blanket sessions as a gift as part of the package. I was wearing a size 38 clothes BUT NOW I fit into a 32 !!! This is so exciting, I can now fit into clothes that I kept until I fit into them again and now it happened. I am so satisfied and referred my sister to visit the salon as well, she visited the salon in August, can't wait to see her results."

* Giselle Augustine - January 2016:

"I felt I needed to lose some cm's and decided to try out the Fat Freeze Technique, that's when I started to visit U-nique Fat Freeze & Beauty Clinic. I lost cm's by the weeks and are amazed by the results, my pants and skirts that I couldn't wear for years fits me NOW, comfortably. We went to Thailand about 3 weeks ago for 10 days. We enjoyed ourselves so much and ate what ever I wanted and to my surprise, I DIDN'T PICK UP one cm !!! That is so great; I'll recommend Fat Freezing to anyone who wants to lose unwanted cm's and kl's !!! I would also like to thank the Beauty Therapist at the salon for the excellent service I received and even going forward !!! * I lost 4 cm around my Bottom Stomach, 3 cm's around my Top Stomach, 4 cm's around my Saddle Bags, three cm's around my thighs and 4 cm's around by back-bra area, I feel so excited with the results"


2nd Youth Testimonial - Esté Visser - Henry E & Beeld Make-over - Wenner 2010

Dankie !!! My 2nd youth produkte is ontvang en ek is gelukkig soos 'n oester met 'n pêrel in sy magie. In die laaste paar weke het ek ongelooflik resultate beleef - beide sigbaar en die gevoel van my vel. Ek het al vele produkte probeer in 'n poging om my aknee probleem, vlekke en merke te beveg, maar 2nd youth het bewys dat ek ook n pragtige vel kan hê met die wonderlike produkte wat hulle op die mark het. Ek glo regtig in die 2nd youth produkte. Ek weet, ek gebruik self die 2nd youth produkte En die "proof is in the pudding". My vel lyk en voel stukke beter, en ander sien dit raak wat nie 'n idée het waarmee ek besig is nie. My fyn plooi lyne, aknee merke en ander frons lyne is besig om te verdwyn en sagter te word. Ek is so opgewonde oor hierdie produk, dat ek selfs die geleentheid sal gebruik om 'n spreker te wees om die produk te bemark!! 2nd youth produkte laat my goed voel en lyk. Veral omdat ek in die Noord Kaap groot geword het en baie tyd in die son spandeer het. My vel het definitief daaronder gely, maar met hierdie fantasties produk kan ek nou in my 30-tigs weer lyk soos in my 20-tigs. Ek het baie slegte aknee gehad in my 20-tigs en Accutane gebruik en geglo dat ek nie mooi sal kan wees met my slegte vel vol merke en vlekke nie. 2nd youth het gelukkig die antwoord. Dankie vir die wonderlike jong en lewendige gelaat wat ek nou kan geniet sedert ek die 2nd youth produkte begin gebruik het. Die resultate is eenvoudig AMAZING!!! Almal wat ek ontmoet is verstom oor my jong voorkoms en skat my jare jonger as wat ek is. 2nd youth produkte het regtig hulle werk gedoen - en hoe goed is dit nie - ek sal nooit weer iets anders gebruik nie.

2nd Youth Testimonial -  Mrs Karien Tait

Good Day, I would like to let you know how impressed I am with your product. I am 47 years old and have been suffering from acne since I can remember. On top of the acne, I have the most sensitive skin on this planet! I have tried so, so, so many different products on the market, and have spent a fortune doing so, however nothing worked for my skin.I am now using 2nd youth and I cannot stop looking at my skin. No new pimples, no redness in my face, even the scarring seems to look better. My lines appear softer as well. I will definitely recommend this product to anybody. I am using the Gentle AHA Cleansing Gel with the Pro-Active Lotion at the moment, However my plan is to purchase one product every month and just keep it going.Thank you very much for a wonderful product. Kind Regards
Mrs Karien Tait